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It's great that you're using your vet as your main source for information. I can just speak in general terms: bassets are prone to allergy and skin problems, and the moisture in skin folds seems to be conducive to promoting yeast problems in some dogs. Murray has more problems with this in the summer when it's humid. Our vet gave me a Malaseb flush to clean these areas. If they develop into raw sore areas, he gave me Gentocin spray (antibiotic/cortisone) which works great to heal those areas. I use Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder under his arms and neck area to keep things dry- that seems to help. Food allergies were also an issue with Murray's skin, and when I changed his food to Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato (no corn, beef or poultry which he was allergic to)his problem with itching disappeared.I hope something I said helps.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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