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Uh Oh: Ears

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I noticed the pup shaking her head and scratching her ears, so I grabbed some tissue and moistened it with mineral oil --- and good gawd almighty! :eek: :eek: :eek: I cleaned out gobs and gobs of stuff. I was truly shocked.

But it was in only one ear.

Now, mind you, it's been a long time since I've dealt with ear issues. So I'm not sure what to think. But her ear doesn't look red.

But I'm not sure that doesn't mean she doesn't have an ear infection.

Should I call the vet and make an appointment for her next week? :?
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I would. You're gonna need something to knock out either a bacterial or yeast infection (or both maybe). How does it smell? :unsure: My coonhound Henry is somewhat prone to infection, but only in his left ear. I give him a squirt of cleanser to acidify that ear about once a week, but he does not like it. I also keep some topical antibacterial/antifungal handy in case it looks like it's getting bad.

Thanks! It has been sooo long since I've dealt with ear problems that this has come as a bit of a shock. The smell isn't bad, just a bit musty. But there's definitely something going on. So I'll make an appointment for her next week.

Poor little houndie girl. :(
Bassets and Labs are both prone to ear infections. My vet suggested a squirt in each ear once a week, on a regular basis, of Otomax. As well as regular, weekly cleanings. My Lab swims all year round (as I live across the street from the beach) and Molly the Basset just has big heavy ears and a propensity to yeasty conditions of all kinds. Good luck, Belinda. P.S. Otomax can be found online cheaper than at the vets. I believe the site is petmeds. The larger size the cheaper it is.
Our basset is also prone to ear infections (I just finished treating her for one. The vet just gave me a tube of stuff when she had her first one and said "you'll need this again!" ) and i clean her ears about once a week. That being said, we also have a basset hound who likes to rub her ears on the rug and making grunting noises (this with perfectly clean ears!). She also loves to have her ears cleaned so I think it feels good to rub for her!
Lily keeps Gibbs ears good and clean. I'm sure it's not good for him, but since they are home all day together there is no way to really stop this habbit of hers. She thinks she's his mom or something...she's always cleaning his ears. The vets have said "Wow these are the cleanest Bassets ears I've seen in a long time."

How are the ears? Noonie is currently being treated for a very nasty infection. It was mainly in one ear and had quite an offensive odor. Thankfully he is much better after only a couple of days of antibiotics.

Jasper loves to have his ears cleaned. I use a combination of vinegar and water on the advice of his vet. He lets me put the mixture in the canal, then I rub for a little while and then use cotton balls to swipe them out. He always seems to want his ears rubbed and scratched and has never had an infection in them.

jasperspet aka colleen
The little rascal's - er, um, darling's :D ears are much better, thank you! There's still a little yucky stuff, but the vet gave me a choice of selling me something expensive to clean them with every day or making my own, which consists of isopropyl alcohol, a touch of boric acid, a little Betadine and a dash of vinegar.


It seems to be working, though, and once she told me the recipe, I remembered I used to clean Biscuit's ears with an alcohol-boric acid solution. That, in combination with using Frontline, *finally* cleared up what had been years of ear problems which had proven resistant to every substance in the vet medicine cabinet.

Seems to be working with Bailey, too! :)
Hey, Biscuit! I use the Otomax because I'm too lazy to mix up my own solution. Now I have to find a solution to the yeasty smell Fran's armpits are giving off. Any ideas? They don't seem to bother him but they sure smell like yeast.
Beverly, I don't know! I've never had to deal with yeasty armpits.

But try Gold Bond Powder. Hey, I use it and at least, it'll mask the smell! :lol:
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