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two new fosters here

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Recently i was asked to foster two male basset hounds. They were in a kill shelter and their time was up. They were rescued from this shelter yesterday morning and i met with one of the ladies involved in the rescue. I brought them home and gave them a much needed bath and wanted to share their pictures with you all. Devon is all brown on the head and Mason has alot of black on him mingled with white. Mason is about 6 months old and Devon is an adult dog. They are due for vet work the middle of the week then they will go on the website after that with more pictures soon after that.
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Here is Mason's picture.
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i am so glad you could take them in god bless
Awww... they're cute! Bless you for taking them in.
Good luck with them, hope they find great new homes!
Thanks for picking them up's the first step towards their new lives!!
Thanks all. It is going to take alot patience and time with Devon. He really acts like he has been beaten severely. I gave the hubby some doggy treats tonight and he was able to feed the treats to him. He is going to keep at it until he can win Devon's trust. I am doing the same. Mason on the other hand know's no stranger and plays with you no matter what. Very loving dog.
This experience is also teaching my husband a few things about rescue and the basset breed. I am hoping that this will pave the way for becoming a regular foster home for more hounds. hehe. Just takes time.
Both dogs have had their vet work done now and are back at home with us. Now the hubby is getting more interested in foster care. Devon is doing much better and was very affectionate last night. I sat on the floor to pet him for quite a while.
What beautiful dogs... how can people treat animals so poorly...

You are a wonderful soul for taking these guys in.. bless you..

Please keep us posted!!! Hugs to both doggies!
Oh what a heartbreaking story but with a hopefully happy ending.
The one lying down with the white stripe down it's nose looks quite a lot like Molly.
Thank you for taking them in and giving them a second chance.
All I can say is, see the quote in my signature line. Give 'em lots of lovins from me and Twink!
Devon and Mason are doing quite well. They are both gaining weight. I gave them another bath today and both did quite well and look so much better now. The dandruff Devon had i think is going away now. I am giving them some corn oil in their food and it sure did make a difference in getting them to eat. Devon is really coming out of his shell now and loves his petting. He loves to snuggle too. The hot spot on Devon's belly is getting much better now and is actually almost gone. When they have gained more weight, i will send out more pictures of them.
How wonderful that they're both doing so well. Especially Devon, poor guy just needed someone to show him some love and prove what he knew all along ... that not all humans are bad!

Keep up the great work Robbie!

Mason will be adopted soon pending approval by a family in Arkansas. The potential adopting family has two boys that play ball and Mason would go to the ball games with the family too. He will have a large back yard to play in. Please say a prayer that all works out and Mason will have his new forever home soon. If all goes well, my husband and i will meet the new family in a couple of weeks in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
Oh, yay!!! Fingers and paws crossed, Robbie!!
Well, it is official now. Mason has been adopted. We will meet his new family in Tuscumbia, Alabama next saturday around 11. His new mom says her boys are sooooo excited and cant wait. Mason will go to ball games with the family and be a very important part of his new family. We, the rescue group folks are very excited about this adoption.
How wonderful! Yay, mason...ball games..very cool!!!

And Devon? Will he be settling in with you, Robbie???

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Mason will stay here for a bit i guess.
I still need to find a home for my goats so i can be a temporary foster home for other bassets. I dont mind keeping one dog inside with us but cant keep up with two since i dont know if they are housebroke or not and the whole house is carpeted except for the kitchen and bathroom. We plan to use our goat pen for a temporary place to give homeless bassets a place to stay over until a regular foster home comes available. This is my husband's idea too. That makes me happy that he is willing to help out. I just dont want the goats to be dinner for someone.
That is wonderful news!
Devon is making progress with being more socialable with my husband. He seems to have alot of fears of men most likely from abusive situations. I feed the dogs in the morning and my husband feeds them in the evenings at which time i dont make myself known to them so the boys have to learn to love my husband and get petting from him. It seems to be working too. More updates to come in the next few days.
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