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Two Bassets?

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Two Bassets?

I'll tell you a tale of my basset hounds
for I have, not one, but two...
If you have more than one basset hound
Well, see if this happens to you!

I give my sweet boys each a bone
sure of equal size, width and length
but they'll drop them both promptly
to seize the other's, using basset strength

To keep them off of my new couch
I buy them beds, so soft and plush
where do they go when I leave the room?
it's to my sofa they do rush!

They'll only drink from the toilet
forget the water that's fresh...
they'll slurp and slurp and slurp
leaving the bathroom floor in a mess

and talk about cruising my counter
I'm sure you know what I mean
they've gotten it down to a science
Yes, these two work as a team!

But when I sit down on the floor with them
to give belly rubs, or to give them hugs
they're so happy, how could anyone stay mad?
yes, I'll keep these two big basset lugs!

Sandy Hamon 2006
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Yep, you've got them down to a science. A few weeks ago I watched the Jurrasic Park trilogy and I have come to the conclusion that Raptors evolved into basset hounds :D ;) :p !! They are very similar aren't they?

I always enjoy your poems Sandy.
Great poem! Certainly fitting for sure. Speaking of Raptors, I used to call Rosebud (my first basset) "Raptor-Face" cuz' she would give me a certain look that looked exactly like one! Here I thought I was the only one who thought about that! ;)

I used to be owned by two
but now we're three
talk about a happy family!
Very good one, Sandy. I perticularly like the part where they MUST have each other's bone. Same for any kind of treat. They do that same thing every single day: drop the one they have, and get the one meant for the other dog. Predictable as sunrise! :)
LOL yup those are bassets! hehe my two are sitting here with the "what?" Innocent look on thier faces lol

That's them alright!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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