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tumor on ear

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Lightning has a black, hard tumor or cyst growing quite rapidly on the outside of his ear flap. I've noticed that Stomps has one too, although his doesn't seem to be progressing as quickly. Does anyone know what these are and how serious they are? I have to be out of town for a few days, and I'll take them in when I get back, but I'd like to know as much as possible beforehand. Thanks.
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Of the 50 or so cysts my Toby had removed, one was on the ear flap. The concern here was that bleeding might be an issue-We all know how those ears can bleed like a stuck pig from just a little nick. But no bleeding and we didn't even have to keep his ears wrapped. It was benign, typical basset type cyst but you don't know for sure unless it's biopsied. After having had a dog with a mast cell tumor, I would have a fine needle aspirate done on any cyst/lump as they are referred to as "The Great Imposter" because they can look like a benign tumor but be an aggressive cancer. See Mast Cell Tumors for additonal information. Not trying to scare you but insist on a biopsy if your vet is going to remove the lump or a fine needle aspiratet if he's going to watch and wait.

Keep us posted.
Today we had our scheduled vet visit. I had been out of town the last three days, and while I was gone, Lightning self-aspirated it. So the vet pulled off the scab and said it was a sebaceous adenoma. Stomps has one on one of his ears as well, so I will be paying attention to them. When the vet pulled the scab off, it bled a little, but not a lot. I couldn't look at it though. I'm such a wimp when it's my babies! But thanks for the info, Barbara. Luckily, nothing to worry about.
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