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tuckered out or something else?

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We took a longer walk than usual yesterday and we haven't been walking regularly because it's been so cold. George always trots along full speed, minus the p-mail stops :p , until he's had enough and then stops dead and doesn't want to go any further, even if we're still blocks from home. And he did that yesterday, too. When I finally did get him home, creeping a few steps at a time with great reluctance on his part, he flopped down on the deck and had to take a nap to get rested enough to come in the house, where he slept off and on all evening and all night and is still doing it this morning. I'm worried that we way overdid it, though we only went about three blocks further than his usual walk and he was very energetic and eager during the actual walk until the Full Stop point -- but he ALWAYS does that same thing, and nothing was different about it yesterday. He's 8 years old.
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Our usual walk is actually about 14 blocks taking the route we're used to, though I sometimes shorten it a bit hoping to keep him from doing Flat Basset. But he was SO energetic yesterday (until the end) that we did the full walk. He's a little perkier now, but not much, and he's still lying around and not begging for snacks. When I came home for lunch just now, he got up long enough to greet me and get some lovin', but he leaned against my leg while I did it and then went back to his doggy bed -- didn't even seem to want to climb up on the couch. On the other hand, I'm not feeling great today, either. Maybe we both picked up a bug.
He's a little perkier now and is even eating some supper. I guess he was just worn to a nub. I'll remember that next time and we won't go for a regular length walk for a while until he's back in shape.
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