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Trouble with other dogs

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My Ryder is 4 months old now he seems to be very aggressive any time he is around other dogs. I cannot let him around any other pets because he growls and tries to bite. My husband feels he is very agressive around the kids. I feel that he may just be in his puppy mode. Is this normal for basset puppies?
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I think it is just his puppy mode too!He just is so calm until he is around other dogs or the children.

Of course my oldest son Christian he is 6 and he likes to "egg Ryder on" and Cayden my 16 month old can pull his tail or try kiss him and he just licks him, so it's almost like he knows his limits with the kids.

It could have been the dogs he was around(poodles,boston terriers,chihuahua)which are not the most laid back dogs.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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