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Trouble with other dogs

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My Ryder is 4 months old now he seems to be very aggressive any time he is around other dogs. I cannot let him around any other pets because he growls and tries to bite. My husband feels he is very agressive around the kids. I feel that he may just be in his puppy mode. Is this normal for basset puppies?
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Taralynn, my son is also 6 & Giselle is almost 1. She, too, was (& sometimes still is) pretty rough with him.....lots of nipping, jumping, general roughhousing. She is starting to outgrow it a bit, but I never leave the two of them unsupervised & I started having him feed her, let her out when she needs to go out to potty, give her treats for sitting, lying down, etc., and if we take a walk he & I go through the door first, & then her. This helped establish that he is a human, not another puppy. He also has certain rules to follow with her, such as no running past her (she still chases him) & keep his head above her at all times. They still have their moments, but it is starting to morph into a much calmer relationship. Good luck!!
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