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We let Watson out in the backyard to use the bathroom when he goes to the back door. We would also leave him in the backyard when we ran quick errands (to avoid put him in his crate).
It was always a fight to get him to go in the backyard when he didn't have to go to the bathroom... until about two weeks ago. He always wanted to go out in the backyard, wouldn't come back in the house when we called him in, begged and begged at the back door as soon as we got him inside, etc. We were worried that he was getting into something in the backyard... but ultimately figured he was just being a dog and wanted to be outside.
Finally, one day, I decided to spy on him from our kitchen window. As it turns out, our neighbor's 8-year-old daughter was climbing in the playset in her back yard and throwing treats over the fence to Watson! Watson could see her in her playset from the kitchen and knew that meant treat time!
So it's true -- bassets will do anything for a treat! Even go outside in the cold to receive treats that fall from the sky!
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That is too funny! And the 8 year old probably gets a huge kick out of feeding him over the fence. That's hilarious. Silly bassets and their love of anything food.
Who says bassets are lazy....they'll go to the end of the earth for food :D
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