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My family and I are getting frustrated. As you may remember we got Elvis as an abandoned dog back in October. He has become a loved member of the family, but he is putting a strain on the house. We have been trying to kennel and house train him and it is not going well. I have seen no progress at all. My whole house smells like dog pee. I spend almost every weekend shampooing the carpets. We bought a kennel not long after we got him so he could sleep but not roam free. He has gotten into the house from a closed room before and destroyed new blinds and other items, so we knew keeping him out at night would not be a good idea. We havent been able to keep him in the kennel at night because he whines and howls all night long. We started with the kennel in our room, but neither of us could sleep. I moved him into the living roon and slept on the couch for several nights. When he would sit quietly I would pet him and give him treats, then I would lay back on the couch. As soon as whe saw I wasnt moving or talking to him he would start the howling again. We had to stop that because he was keeping the kiddos awake and my oldest (6) was falling asleep in class. We make sure he gets outside every couple of hours, but he seems to pee as soon as we walk in, or soon after. I have bought Natures Miracle for the carpets, but that doesnt work. If we cant figure something out soon I am going to lose it. I started keeping him on a leash at all times in the house today, and I am hoping that will work. He wont pee or poo in the house in front of us, so I reshampooed the carpets again. My husband is at the end of his rope, and I am close. I love Elvis to death, but he is turning everyones lives inside out. I would be ok if I saw the slighhtest improvement, but none. My husband is tired of trying to buy new stuff to train him with too. We have spent about $2,000.00 on him since we got him and we are strapped, between the vet and the different training and plain old dog stuff, plus replacing the stuff he has destroyed. We got him neutered about 3 weeks ago, I am hoping that will help with some of it, but I am not holding my breath. Sorry this is long, but I needed to vent and possibly get some advice.

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Put him on a schedual when it comes to both food and water, play ect. on a schedual is elimination will be predictable.

" We make sure he gets outside every couple of hours, but he seems to pee as soon as we walk in, or soon after."

Which begs the question why was he allowed in without eliminating and if so he should go in the crate. also see Potty Training Tip
"Set up the x-pen in a grassy area with nothing else on the ground inside it,...She doesn't come out to sniff, or play or go inside, until she goes potty. As soon as she goes potty, out she comes with much rejoicing, apply treats to puppy liberally, and then it's play/explore time, or whatever else she wants to do. Her reward for pottying is to get out of "potty prison" ...he had nothing in the pen to distract him from business at hand, and he *really* wanted out so he learned to get to work in a hurry."

We havent been able to keep him in the kennel at night because he whines and howls all night long.
He has learned howling and whining get him out if not at first then louder and longer works! I do not let him out while whining or howling. Put him in and out for short stints at first before he howls and whines and slowly increase the time in. Provide stimulation in the crate he gets no where else. A Stuffed kong toy can works wonders here. also see: Creating a Night time Ritual and Crate Training for more insite.

I have bought Natures Miracle for the carpets, but that doesnt work
Also get a black lite to locate all urine spots
Natures Miracle and other enzymatic cleaners rquire 48 hour and longer to work and the area must remain moist with the cleaner. Each product has specific instructs that must be followed they are not used like a spot remover pour some on scrub and blot up.

other links that may also help
Why Liquid "Miracle" Enzyme Cleaning Products Don't Work for Pet Urine Stains and Odors


Pet Urine Removal From Carpet
"Our first step and main objective is to physically remove as much of the urine as possible, before treating the area with any chemical type products. Our primary ingredient in this procedure is WATER! WATER is the safest and most effective tool we will use. WATER will dilute the concentrated urine and help us carry the urine out of the carpeting.

The second step and a very important tool in the urine removal process is a liquid suction device, such as a portable extraction machine or a wet/dry vacuum. If you do not have a machine to mechanically help you remove the water, you can manually remove most of the water by using several highly absorbent cotton towels. This will be more time consuming and more difficult, but can be effective if you have the time and patience. "

Recommended cleaning practices


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NOT TO SOUND LIKE A COMMERCIAL, BUT....I just bought URINE GONE spray which comes in a box with its own black light. It works really well but you must follow the directions which specify soaking the area, and allowing it to sit undisturbed and eventually air drying on its own. NO SCRUBBING OR BLOTTING! Its enzymatic so it needs time to "eat" the urine particles. Its also great for clearing up any urine odors in the bathroom that us humans create. Wanna see how well it works? Clean your toilet the way you normally would. Then, when its dark go over the toilet with the black light and you'll see what you regular cleaning methods leave behind! Spray the URINE GONE and let sit till it air dries, then spray again and wipe clean. Thats how well it works on your carpets, furniture, etc. And best of all its really safe for pet areas.

OK, I'm done now.

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I had (and still have on occasion) this problem with Bo. He had the right idea, as he went right by the back door all the time. So, to protect my carpet, I got those training pads that they sell at Walmart. I've gone thru three packs, in three months, so abot 60 bucks,(that's Canadian). Also used my little green carpet machine lots. Water is definately the answer. soak the spot, use an old towel to blot. Then suck it up, out of the carpet. He is slowly catching on, he tries soooo hard to please me.
Bo howls in the crate too, so I only use it when I go out. He tends to get into things when I'm gone.
Young bassets are so full of energy, so wearing them out with walks is a good ides. and I find harder to train than other breeds. But all of a sudden one day they just "get it", and all your hard work pays off. Good thing they're so cute! :) Mike offered great advice...

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