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Totally wet hounds.

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It's been cold and raining off & on all day. When I came home, the dogs were soaking wet. They were playing out in the rain all day, and with all the mud they tracked in, the kitchen looks like it has a dirt floor. Sometimes I wish they didn't like the wet weather, so the house would stay clean, but it's nice that they go out without fighting me.

AND WE MIGHT GET SNOW TONIGHT! (may have pictures in the morning if it sticks)

What a difference 2 days makes. It was 81 Saturday, and today's high was 41. If anyone watches the Monday Night Football game tonight, you might see it snow in Denver during the game.

I think Dozer & Digger are ready for snow, and can't wait for it.
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We didn't get any snow, it didn't get cold enough. It's supposed to be 26 for a low tonight, but the rain is gone, so no chance of snow. Dozer & Digger will have to wait until next time for snow. Hopefully the yard will get dry, so I can at least mop the kitchen.

Lala, I wouldn't worry about driving in snow in Boulder just yet. This time of year it snows one day, and melts the next. Plus it doesn't stick to the road until Nov/Dec, and that's if we get several inches.
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