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basset carry most of their weight on the front end ginve the joint size the tradidition method now generally reserved for small and toy breed probably would work but if it were my dog I would go with TTA surgery if the dog was a candidate over TPLO it is a bit less invasive. Coming from agility which is a sport with a higher level of CCL injuries roverery rates that allow the dogs full function and to compete is quite high, recover time are much faster bone heal much faster than ligament esecial ones with limited blood supply. IF the CCL
is torn but not ruptured you might want to look at stem cells as well I know several that swear by the results
Bilaterial Acl

Canine ACL Tear Stemcell Treatment
A tear in the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), also known as the CCL (cranial cruciate ligament), is a common injury among dogs. The ACL is a ligament in a dog's knee (also known as a "stifle"), and when it is torn, the dog experiences pain and a loss of stability in the knee. Stem-cell treatment is not used to directly treat an ACL tear, but it is used to treat a common side effect of an ACL tear: osteoarthritis in the joint.

The thing with CCLs is if one goes more than 50% of the time the other goes within two year. You need to keep this in mind in factoring in cost of the various options. I would also consider switching to a High protein in excess of 30% by weight, diet High protein diets have demonstrated a protective effect from soft tissue injury in performance dogs
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