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I am SO GLAD that bassets aren't on the list. Please let our furbabies fly beneath the radar so they don't become a popular dog and have all sorts of people start breeding them. The resuces have enough now![/b]

The breed popularity of the basset hound is falling. Also keep in mind the statistic is for numbers registered the demand may not actual match those figures, it is in reality the number of dogs produced, not the number bought/ aquired and only AKC registrations are counted

Basset Hounds 2007 31st, 2006 28th, 2002 24th, 1997 23rd

from AKC Dog Registration Statistics

in 2006 litter registrations

Retrievers (Labrador) ranked 1st 41,132 litters

Basset Hounds ranked 28th 3,662 litters

AKC Litter Registration Statistics
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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