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too many bassets at the pet store!

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While shopping at the (outdoor) mall today, I walked past a pet store and there was a basset in the window. Then I saw two more! Turns out they had 5 there at one time. All were young. Makes me so sad.

What happens to dogs who are not sold from pet stores?
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What is even worse than what happens if they are not sold is what happens BEFORE they get to the pet store. Feel sorry for those puppies mothers who have litter after litter after litter with no human interaction whatsoever.

Pet stores will eventually lower the prices on the dogs until someone has to take it home to 'save it.' The cycle repeats itself.
It's sad. I wish that there is a law that would band selling puppies in the pet store.

There is a bird & supply store near by house which is fine. BUT they have lots of puppies pictures hanging through out the entire windows and then if you look carefully there is a 8"x11" sheet of paper saying that they sell puppies too!!! I am really concern about this.

Often I can see young hip girls (not women), young girls who look like Britney Spears "wanna be" and dated "gangster" wanna be boys, go inside and come out with a cute fur ball puppies.
My guts keep telling me there is something smell fishy in there. These young girls don't know how to take care of themselves and now they wanna take care of a dog?

I should so a research on how to report on this store.
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