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Duke and I are fighting the same battles these days:

Duke's dirge:

My master says that I'm fat,
and that I need to diet
no more treats for me this month
...I'd like to see HIM try it!

My Dirge:

The Supermarket Blues...

I’m going thru these doors with a new resolve
to eat healthy... I’ve just got to try it
you see, I got on the scales today
and the numbers said, ‘it’s time to diet’!

So here I am with list in hand
of good things to put in my cart
all the things told to me by the doc
that would be good for my heart

so I took a deep breath, let out a sigh
and walked right past the candy
I ignored the cookies and the pop
Yes, I was feeling dandy!

From the bakery, I heard a familiar sound
...the donuts were calling to me
‘Ignore them’, said my inner self
‘it’s a test now, don’t you see?’

So I strolled right on by to the produce
giddy with my new found willpower
Yes, I thumped the melons, tasted the grapes
and filled my bag with cauliflower

I planned and calculated every point,
the WeightWatchers lady will be so pleased
but not as much as I will be
when I can once again see my knees!

Sandy 2006
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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