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We bring our new basset puppy home tomorrow... I put a deposit on her back in december, and have been waiting until she reached 9 wks.

These 6 weeks have seemed like 6 months, but its finally here!

Thanks to this group for all of the great information, advice, etc...

Mark :D

How exciting!! Be sure to take a small blanket that can be his or hers. Take it in with you when you pick the puppy up and ask if you can rub it all over Mom and other siblings to get their smell on it. Get the dogs to lay on it drool on it, really rub them all over with it. We've done this in the past and found that it really comforts the little one with fimiliar smells for the first scary night away from their mom and siblings. The puppy will snuggle up with the blanket.
Be sure to feed the same food they were using, and if you change do it gradually. Ask about any special words they used like some people use "Kennel" when they crate the dog, some say "crate" etc. Helps to use same words and not confuse the puppy.
Also take the puppy to your vet right away. Most reputable breeders will tell you to do this.
Good luck and post pictures.

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