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Today we are 5!

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Hard to believe but sure enough they are. They've had a busy day of chewing new bones and laying around sleeping. Pretty much like every other day. :rolleyes:


When we first came home.

They were only as big as their heads are now! They have been spoiled from the moment they arrived - I mean we think they are mighty cute and how could you not spoil them!? :D
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:) Happy Birthday! :)
Arooooooooo!! Happy Birthday, boys!!! Be sure they keep on spoiling you, you handsome hounds.
Happy 5th Birthday!
Happy birthday! It's Caper's 5th birthday, too! What do you know?! :)
Happy 5th Birthday to 2 beautiful hounds!!!!!!!!!!! :D
How handsome those boys are! Happy Birthday!!! Arrrrruuuuuuuu!!!! from Fred.
Happy happy birthday!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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