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toby's new playmate

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ugh. someone dumped a puppy off in front of my work today. the poor thing was scared to death and luckily was found by an employee before he was run over on this busy road. this is a pretty rough area and i've seen dogs running loose before. this little guy is so sweet, and just skin and bones right now. probably 2-4 months old. i took him to my parents backyard on my lunchbreak to keep toby company and give the little guy a place to stay since the facilities department would have had a cow if we brought him inside. luckily, we have several employees interested in adopting him and for the time being toby has a little playmate! he looks to me like a pit bull mix. so glad this one is going to have a happy ending! everyone have a lovely weekend!
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That's a shocking thing to do... how can anybody dump a helpless young dog? :(

Thank goodness you found him as he'd probably have been scared to death! :(
He was really freaked out. His tail was between his legs til he got to my parents then he figured out he could trust me and it started wagging a little. I think he was abused because last night he tried getting to me and my dads food and my dad gave him a firm no and he tucked his tail between his legs and cowered back. He seems to be doing well after several meals, a bath, trimmed nails, a new collar, flea dropps and wormer, and lots of love!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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