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So what do you all suggest, I have read all the articles and they say similar things, but what do YOU guys do?

I'm at work all day, and I plan on coming home everyday on my lunch to walk, play and feed Wrigley. But what about at night? Should I keep him locked in the crate and in the middle of the night take a potty break, then play then back in the crate until morning?

I was planning on leaving him in a play pen (its the kennel looking gates made into a large square) with his bed, food, and water until I got home on my lunch break, or should I leave him in the crate, but still come home on my lunch, that way hes only in there for like 3-4 hours at a time?

Any opinions on my suggestions?[/b]
Nick is older (9 mos.) than your little guy, but like your girlfriend we really didn't want to create him all day even though I understand it's their safe place and I'd be going home at lunch everyday. That being said, we do restrict how much run of the house he has. He spends his days in a well puppy proofed, fairly large kitchen and at night he sleeps with us. He came home mostly housebroken and create trained according to the SPCA. He had a few accidents at the beginning until we and he got things figured out. He sleeps thru the night with few exceptions and then someone gets up and lets him out. If you choose not to crate him, you really do have to expect some things to get chewed you didn't expect and to clean up some messes. But honestly, that's just th gig with any young puppy you can't be with all the time. Just make sure he's safe.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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