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The molting season has definately arrived. Around here wer are nearly knee deep in underfluffies, thanks to the 16 or so hounds living here. and that doesn't count the youngsters! I only recently re-joined this forum, so perhaps this has already been discussed. If so, my apologies. If not, here goes.

On other lists, and in conversation with fellow basset owners, I often get questions about what to do about all the shedding. Some people complain that they brush their basset every day to no avail.

In response to this, I put together a grooming kit containing all the supplies needed to control the invasion of the underfluffies. Included is a detailed instruction sheet on how to use the tools on a basset. I am making these available through my website ( ). I make no money off these kits. All profit goes directly to my pledge for BassetFest, which is the primary fundraiser for Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.

If anyone is interested, just go to my website and follow the links.

And as you groom your basset during the spring molt, don't forget to put all that nice soft hair that comes out of your basset outside for the birds. I put mine in a wire suet feeder. the birds take it to line their nests.
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