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Steinar, you will love Ireland. My favorite place in the whole world. I never saw a Basset there though, only Border Collies...and they were working dogs, just amazing!

Make sure you do the "Gap of Dunloe" tour in Killarney. I have been back to do it three times. 7 mile walk through a Mountain Gap, (Purple tomies on one side and green mountains on the other), when you get through the Gap, and along the way see tons of flora and fauna, you come to the Black Valley. It's God's place. After a lunch in the mountains, you take a boat from the upper lakes to the middle lakes to the lower lake, getting out of the boat to pull it through a locke. After your glorious photos of Norway, I know you would be loving this! You can walk through the Gap, or you can ride on pony and trap...just like Emily Bronte did! Ask for Sean...he will give you the ride of your life!

Now, that said....are you bringing the "girls" with you?

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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