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I found a tick in Bogie yesterday. I know it couldn't have been there too long because it definitely wasn't there in the morning, and he was in the car for a few hours before I stopped off a a friends house. The friend then told me they were having a tick problem in her area. I pulled most of it out with a pair of tweezers, but I couldn't get it all out. We didn't have enough people to hold him down without him struggling and kicking a lot. And it seems to be in a very sensitive area (any man I know would be crying because of where it is...Luckily Bogie is neutered). I plan on taking him to the vet today to get the rest of it out, do whatever lyme test they need to do, and make sure it doesn't get infected.
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Are Ticks not common in your area?

Depending on where they have been during the day my hounds come home with a couple of ticks each on them.
you just need to pull them off and if a portion is still in the skin it will work its way out. Only certain ticks carry lymes (and they are only found in certain areas)
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