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Henry is my 3rd basset hound [11 months old] however is the first to really suffer when i leave him when we are not home - i take him to horse shows and if he is left he bays until i return! He is fine when left in his home but anywhere else causes baying. I was wondering if anyone had tried a thundershirt for this behaviour or if we just have to keep doing it until he learns. He is always left with water, treats, a toy and his bed but any ideas would be great
Thankyou! Victoria and Henry
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hey there arkansas! we're nieghbors (maybe)
i dont know but there's some folks on here that use em. molly? is it u?
welcome. good luck.
The thundershirt was not designed for seperation anxiety and from antidotal evendence it is not very effective at dealing with it.

if we just have to keep doing it until he learns
That rarely happens as well without some specific behavior modification training. see
Separation Anxiety

Ftrom agility tirals I now some that have been successful in using the following remote training device for rewarding a quite behavior when you leave them
gradual increasing duration,

Manners Minder Remote Reward Training System
Premier Pet Products

the remote allows you to reward the dog for being quite while still remaining out of site which and can use to extend the time the dog is quite. For example if the dog can remain quire for 5 second when you are out of site you can reward the dog a 3 second which restss the clock and reward at 3 then 4 the 2 and soon the dog has been quite for 1 seconds, It is an excelent way of building duration., If you have to return it really in not the same thing.

other things that may or may not work

DAP dog appeasing hormones results look mixed wen used on seperation anxiety

Melatonin 3 mg for a 50 lb dog works on thunderstrom phopia and other anxieties not enough dat for seperation anxiety

Anti anxiety medication usuall require a perscription
Medication for Separation Anxiety in Dogs Reconcile

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hey there arkansas! we're nieghbors (maybe)
i dont know but there's some folks on here that use em. molly? is it u?
welcome. good luck.
Not me. Came close, but she got over her fear of storms (and most things, thankfully) as she got older.
I have found that the thundershirt is worthless... at least for my girl. :(
Well thankyou for your responses! We are away this weekend so i am going to try the thundershirt and see if it does help. [Il let you know] As i said when he is at home he is totally fine whether he stays indoors or is out in his pen, nothing phases him. It just seems to be when i leave him at the horse trailer while i ride. He is not in distress as he is wagging his tail while baying but as soon as i return it stops so i shall try this and then go for one of the other training devices. Thanks again
Oh and Esther yes we are almost neighbours! We are up in Little Rock but i had to come to Memphis a bunch of times when getting my US Visa! [i am English] I think Henry was the only basset hound to have sat through many appointments at the immigration center!
The thundershirt was a success! Did not altogether stop the baying however Henry only fretted for 2 mins being alone rather than hours and was quiet until we returned from our ride. Big improvement on general '' i cant see mummy'' fretting and was so relaxed for the first time in a strange place he was allowed to wander off lead. Def worth a try
Yay, Henry, and btw, ur avatar is so cute!
Well thankyou Wworm! I was just thinking about changing it to one of the new pictures of Hen in his shirt! He looked very dapper! You are a most gorgeous little basset yourself!
Wworm, i made a henry photo gallery just so you can see if maybe Henry could be your new friend!
Oooh, fun, we love pics here!! k, i'll take a look...
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