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Well, I finally broke down and purchased a Thundershirt. How many people here have used them and what do you think? I have had a couple of friends recommend it to me for Maggie's anxiety (and as I type this it's starting to storm). Also, Mikey T on this forum suggested it.

Thundershirt | The Best Dog Anxiety Treatment

I appreciate any comments that you share with me. I'm looking forward to getting it (says 5-8 business days).
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Can’t wait to hear how it works. Thank goodness never needed anything like it and never heard of them till I read about them on this site – then the other night I saw my first commercial with them. Maybe I’ve seen the commercial before but didn’t pay attention before reading about them. Chicken or the egg? :D

I have one for both of our boys and unfortunately they do not work for them. I do know people who have had success with them so maybe they will work for your pup.
Yes, please let us know if it works for you. After our fourth of July experience I am dreading New Year's Eve already!
I have one for both of our boys and unfortunately they do not work for them. I do know people who have had success with them so maybe they will work for your pup.
Fingers crossed!
I just started using a Thundershirt with Clifford. He's not afraid of storms or fireworks, but he has some separation anxiety. I'm a teacher & just returned to work this week & I was worried about him being alone for hours at a time. I do have a neighbor who lets him out, but he still spends around 4-5 hours alone. So, I started using the Thundershirt. However, I've used it in conjunction with some other things - a small dose of Melatonin, a good long walk before I leave & I've been paying my nephew who hasn't started school yet to come sit with Clifford in the afternoons. I've seen an improvement in just this one week. Since I'm doing multiple things, I don't know if it's any one thing or all of them combined. I DO know that when I get the Thundershirt out, Clifford gets very wiggly & happy. He seems to like wearing it. I figure it can't hurt. Good luck. :)
Hi Maggie May's Mom--

We haven't needed a Thundershirt for me yet. But find the concept fascinating. The same concept helps children & other animals, even.
I posted some info on it in this prior link (post #5)-- you might want to take a look at the youtube preview of a story of how the concept helped a woman w/autism, Temple Grandin. We watched the movie and it was fascinating, not to mention a really high quality film w/Claire Danes in it. Her character has to deal a lot with anixety. In turn, she finds more humane ways of dealing with the animals' anxieties.

Our 9 year old doxie Minna is high strung, and nervous in new situations- I used it when we traveled with her a few weeks ago and did see an effect: it seemed to just take her anxiety down a notch. She likes putting it on, wags her tail and runs in circles when I get it out. My impression is that it works for some dogs better than others- not magic, but another tool that can help with some anxious dogs.
Man, we're having a pretty gnarly storm here right now (laptop not plugged in!). Maggie is NOT a happy camper. Wish I had gotten the Thundershirt before Friday!
hmmm... similar effect can be achieved (i been told by my Auntie who's an occupational therapist for children), by taking a blanket & wrapping it tightly around her, to help her calm down...

I wonder if the effect is similar to "swaddling" for newborns....
I wonder if the effect is similar to "swaddling" for newborns....
methinks so, Woody!
Yay! Maggie's Thundershirt is currently out for delivery! Can't wait to get it and try it out! Fingers crossed!!!
I would love one of these for Hank... But I'm sure he wouldn't like it :/
Yay for Maggie! Make sure to let us know the results
How did it go? I am thinking about buying one for Harley. He gets nervous and barky when there are a lot of people around and we are having Christmas at our house this year.
boy my humans needed one last night.
we had a heckuava storm.
power went out twice. I just slept.
he human even poked me. "You breathing?"
yes. i WAS sleeping. stoopid dad... ugh
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