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Three Dog Fight: Just playing Bitey-Face

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Notice how Button is so lazy he never bothers to jump down off the sofa into the fray. This is an every day scene at our house, then they all flop down together for a nap. :rolleyes:

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YES, they gang up on each other all the time. Usually it's the two bassets chasing the boxer, who can easily outrun them, jumping over them, "boxing" them with his paws. But many times, Captain and one or the other of the Bassets will romp around and play while the other Basset watches. Elmer is the big peacemaker, and when Button and Cappy get too rough, Elmer will jump in the middle and do the "Im the Boss grimace and growl, and things settle down quickly. They have an established racetrack around the yard, around the patio set, into the sunroom, around the kitchen circle, then all over again. :rolleyes:
Yeah, I wasn't going to admit it, but our couch is used for a "springboard" for the Boxer. So far, he's getting pretty good height and distance. B) I need to really establish some house rules around here so my living room is not used for a romper room. :lol:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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