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Three Dog Fight: Just playing Bitey-Face

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Notice how Button is so lazy he never bothers to jump down off the sofa into the fray. This is an every day scene at our house, then they all flop down together for a nap. :rolleyes:

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Do two of them ever gang up on one? I thought about getting a third, but as much as mine play fight, I'm worried they would gang up on a new one.
I'm not going out to look for another dog, but if I found one that needs a home, I'll think about it then.

I've got a racetrack too, they make a hard turn behind the shed. There's a 4-5" deep trench where they make the corner. Now that I have the garden out, they have a full coarse. When they do race into the house, they use the couch as a backstop.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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