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'Ello fellow basset slaves/huminz/lovers... A couple of questions:

1. We go on a lot of weekend getaways to friends' houses, and take Watson with us. We bring his crate (where he sleeps every night at home for 8-10 hours without any problems) for him to sleep in at the friends' houses. The first night we're there, without fail, is a sleepless night. He whines and cries all night long and can't settle. The other nights are no problem, but the first night is miserable for everyone. My question is this: is it awful of me to give him melatonin to help him sleep (slash knock him out so we can sleep? :))? If it's not awful, how much should I give him? Is there any chance for dependency or other side effects I should know about?

2. We adopted Watson last year at the end of September. Thus, this is our first summer with the fella... he is losing a LOT of hair lately. Handfuls upon handfuls. I know bassets shed a lot, year round, but does it pick up during summer? He doesn't have any real bald spots, but there are spots where you can tell he's lost hair. Just making sure it's 'normal.' (if there is anything 'normal' about bassets!)
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