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We too are going through a blow-out... I think I sweep up a cat-sized pile of hair every other day! I don't know where it all comes from!!

On the melatonin- that may not do the trick. We just used Dramamine over the 4th (a quick google search will tell you appropriate doses- I did 1-1/2 25 mg pills). While it didn't knock him out (I blame the fireworks more than the lack of meds), it certainly helped. It's perfectly safe for dogs. The only thing to be aware of with any of these human drugs is that dogs metabolize drugs more quickly than we do- so what might seem like it should knock him out for the whole night might only last 6 hours or so... Also, 1-1/2 Dramamine pills would put me out cold for days and all he did was become a bit droopy. BUT, it helped and might just be the thing you need for that first night.

Lastly- having been down the tranquilizer route for a surgery Fergus had 6 months ago- the effects of Dramamine were much more pleasant for us as parents than the vet-prescribed drugs. Which made me happy because he would get so out of it and sickly looking (I think they upset his tummy).

Good luck! :)
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