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This picture has made me laughed all day

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He is sooooo happy!!! and look at those pearly whites!!
He is a cheerful little basset :)
I wish MY teeth are that white! I guess I just have to chew some tree barks :D
What a lovely happy pic!!! :D

My Bassets love playing with sticks. Lottie more than Lucie, will often chase after them on our walks and bring them back for me to keep throwing and we have loads of sticks in the garden because she carries them home with her. Sometimes the pair of them share a longish stick and walk side by side carrying it and look so amusing!! :D
I think the caption that goes with that picture is "Ahhhhh! Life is good!" My male likes sticks more than my female does but from time to time they both enjoy a good stick chew!
This picture made me laugh as well! He looks like nothing could make his life better than it is right now. Mine enjoy chewing on sticks occasionally too. They like tearing limbs off a little tree we have in the back yard.
What a great picture! I think we could all learn something from dogs. Not chewing sticks, of course, but having fun whatever you're doing!
Dog needs to cheer up a little.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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