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This is Ziggy, sorry bout the other one.........

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Shakerag- do you have a new pup?!!

(I recognize the first photo you posted in the other thread with the basset pups in the barn- that was a Lancaster New Era Photo that got a lot of play around the country- beautiful pups in a rustic setting- I always liked that photo!)
Ziggy is adorable! I would love to see some pictures of your dogs. Please? :)
Ziggy is adorable What a sweet puppy.
Oh I wish I could claim that precious baby as mine but alas it isn't! I am new to attempting to post pictures and do not have a camera to take shots of my Molly, yet.
I need to have a member provide instructions on how to post a image instead of a direct link!
Use the very last link under your picture in photobucket called the IMG Code. Just copy the link right into your post. You can click the preview button to make sure the picture is uploaded. Hope that helps you.

Mary Ann
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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