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This is Horrible!

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I hope this is the right place to post this,I was on another site I go to and someone posted about this shelter and all there animals are facing Euthenaiza (sp) if they are not adopted by the 31 of this month,Here's a link to the Shelter I figured maybe someone in Indiana or around there could help.
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Everyone will be glad to know that my wife and I drove out to Indiana from Pittsburgh, PA to adopt Libby. Her and Lennon are getting along great and she really is a sweet dog. She is very emaciated but is eating well and is already starting to fill out a little. The vet said she should make a full recovery. She is housebroken and we really had an easy transition. She is an attention hound and we love her as much as Lennon.
Here is a pic of the two of them.

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Lucky Libby! How wonderful of you to open your hearts and home to her. :)
What a beautiful picture and a very happy ending. You're very special people. :cool:
Thats awesome! Libby is beautiful. :)
Libby's a beutiful girl and you are certainly beautiful people for opening your heart and home to her. :)
That is a wonderful ending to read about! What a great addition she will make to your family. When we adopted Molly she was in pretty bad shape but all that is behind her now and she is the happy basset she deserves to be!!!!!
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