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Yayyyy!!! Duke is going to be OK!
The clinic just called. He does have Blastomycosis. (shows how much I know, I was sure it wasn't)

He is still very sick, but once he starts on his pills, he should pick up. He needs to be on them for 6 months at least. ( $167.00 a mo, Canadian yet!) But I don't care, we just want him back home.

They said it's rare here, but they did have a bit of an outbreak in 97, so it still happens. We think he may have got it last summer. Keith redid our lawn, and brought in bags and bags of dirt and peat moss, and kept it very wet.

I hope this will help anyone else whose dog gets these symptoms: coughing, wheezing, lethargic, skin lesions, (explains Duke's swelling on his nose). Get them to a vet fast, so they don't get as sick as Duke. And ask that your dog be tested for it. Wish our vet hadn't waited so long...

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WISHES AND SUPPORT-it got me thru this!!! Now if only there was a support forum for people with subborn sick fathers...

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Thank goodness for good news. I am so happy for you. Funny how a little thing like $167.00 per month for precious basset cargo actually seems so little when you actually get to take them home and they are going to be WELL. Yayyyy from down the road.

Susan and Wilson
YAY!!!There have been so many sad losses the past few months- it's great to hear this good news!
I am so relieved! OH my, crack open a bottle of wine this evening and put your feet up and relax with your pups, you deserve it.
Arlene and Opus.
who in the heck would ever think that one day you'd think that blastomycosis was a great diagnosis?!?!? Congrats!
It is good news, though.
I am so relieved! I have been wondering today. Yea, money is not as important as we sometimes think it is! YEA DUKE!!! yvonne
That's good news!
Hope Duke will be back to normal in short time!!
Great news!
OMG!! GREAT NEWS!!! What a blessing in disquise, huh? YEAH DUKE!! YEAH SANDY!! YEAH YOUR 2ND VET!! Just celebrate my friend - celebrate! :D :D :D
It is a relief to hear good news! Usually, lately, it has not been such good news. Prayers were answered! Congrats!
That is great news, I'm so glad it is something they can fix!
Wonderful news!!!!!
This is awesome news!!!!!!! We were so worried when you described how his lungs looked and the wheezing, because Bubba had similiar sympoms plus swollen lymph nodes, and fever. Bubba was tested for the same fungal disease, which came back negative, but sadly he had lymphoma cancer and we lost him.
We are so thrilled that Duke will be OK. That healing drool did it's magic.
Great news!! :)
That's wonderful news!! What a Valentine's Day present :)
Wonderful news!!! Good for you for being persistant about this!
What great news!!! I did a search for the disease (sorry I can't spell it) and it has a great recovery rate. I was a bit surprised to find that humans and cats can also get it. So, don't sniff the ground!

Give Duke lots of belly rubs and treats - he has earned them!
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