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Think Ella is mixed at all?

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I've always gotten asked what breed Ella is and I've always said basset hound but people almost always say "Oh really?" or "Is she mixed?" or "She looks like a beagle" And people always say to me cute beagle! Sometimes I'll add in she is just kind of a runt or she could have some mix in her but I don't know.

So here is where you basset experts come in :p

I'm gonna post some of her mom's pictures, some puppy pictures, and some now pictures and I want your opinion if she could be mixed at all.

Ella's mom was found pregnant wandering around with another basset hound (possibly the father but who knows) they were taken to a high kill shelter and someone contacted a basset hound rescue who kindly took them in and raised Ella and her siblings and got the mom, dad, and pups all adopted out!

This is Ella's mom, Maria, while still pregnant

Here is Maria with her newly born pups

This one is just too sweet to not post

Here are the pups laying, Ella is the one with the small head, which is why I say runt sometimes :)

Here is Ella the day we picked her out at about 8 weeks

Here she is the day we brought her home at 3 months

This was taken earlier today, she is just over 1 yr

She's pretty long but a lot smaller than Ringo

You can really see the size difference here...Ringo has longer legs for a basset and he is just shy of 70lbs and Ella is about 36 or 37 I think

Oh and here is a really cute one that I really just feel the need to share because it is sooooo adorable!!!!

Sorry this was kind of long but I thought the pictures and back story might help. Also, Ella's mom was only about 40 lbs I believe.

I have seen a couple pictures of two of her siblings in the last few months and one was a female and she looked very similar to Ella but bigger and another was a male who had a more typical 'basset' look to him.

Thanks everyone!
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I don't know what others think, but in my opinion.... I would say she is not a pure Basset Hound (but a lovely girl) and looking at the group of pups together, I think it would be pretty unusual to see so much solid black on all of their backs because most seem to be born 'patchy' and not 'solid' and Ella's legs look quite long. The pups have the colour and coats of a breed like a Doberman and their faces are mostly tan and black but some have a little white from their mum! To me, the pup in your group picture that mostly resembles a Basset, is the one with its spread-out ear nearest to the camera with white on its face!

Do you not have a picture of their dad as well as their mum?

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Awww that mama dog just looks so sad, I think I remember feeling that way a couple times near the end of my pregnancy LOL.
It will be hard to tell if she is mixed. There are poorly bred bassets with long legs. Her mother looks pure enough the sire could have been a beagle to a foxhound type dog,who knows,so to really guess is fruitless. You love her that is what matters but you are going to get those remarks all the time,just say you don't know if she is mixed but she is a great dog. Thanks for loving her either way.
Sadly I don't have a picture of the male that was found with the mom. I saw a picture once and I vaguely remember him looking pretty similar to the mom but a little bigger.

I'm pretty sure Ringo was just a badly bred basset because his longs are super long, even compared to Ella's.

Me and my boyfriend joke that we wanted two bassets and we don't even have one :p Wouldn't trade either for anything though!

Maybe I'll just stick with basset mix when people ask. I think the breed she most resembles is a basset so that is what I say, she is too long :) and her feet are starting to turn out as well like some basset's do.

Maybe I'll take one of those saliva dna tests, it'll probably tell me st bernard :p
Awww that mama dog just looks so sad, I think I remember feeling that way a couple times near the end of my pregnancy LOL.
The poor mum looks like she could do with her long nails being trimmed too!
They must be so uncomrtable for her to walk on when they are so long! :(

Just tell everyone your lovely dog is a "designer" breed!

Edit:: Just asked my doggy sister and she thinks Ella may be crossed with a black & tan COONHOUND!
I must look them up! Edit:: I see a resemblance, especially the colouring and long ears!

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Oh her face does look very similar to the coonhound, head shape and ears! Maybe she got the coonhound head and then most of the basset body :)
It will be hard to tell if she is mixed. There are poorly bred bassets with long leg
could not agree more the whole host of typical basset traits are often missing in the dogs bred without regard to conformation. That said on of the obvious missing traites from momma to offspring is the ear set. In bassets the ears are set much lower on the head then other hounds, except the bloodhound. The ear set on the puppies are much higher more typical of a beagle/foxhound/coonhound

In a free roaming situation, it would not be unusual to have a litter with multiple sires that is not all the puppies have the same father as well.
so so cute!! But i have to say, she looks very much like a beagle to me. I have a pic somewhere with out basset Bowser, sitting next to our beagle Daisy, and I'll try to post it for you. It looks just like that pic of Ringo and Ella facing the camera! And her shape from the side...totally mixed. Sooo cute! I have to say though i lean strongly towards beagle, although everyone is right about the dobie coloring on the face. But beagles can be that way too. Daisy has a totally black back. From the side though, i wouldn't be able to tell her from a regular beagle. and beagles are kind of long too. : ) Plus her head is smaller. Bassets are so front heavy! ANyway i'd go with basset beagle mix. : )
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