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They HOWLED ...I think!!

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:lol: Are my dogs howling in this video?? They suddenly started making this sound ...both of them ...early this morning while I was sitting at my desk. The camera was right here and ready so I tried to sneak up on them to see what was happening. This is what I found ... they were standing like idiots looking out front door :rolleyes:

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How funny was that :lol: :lol: They definitely were singing (I call it ) and then were just barking and making noise. What adorable noise makers you have :lol: :lol:
There's that beautiful door again! I wonder what they were seeing outside? Any ideas?

Janice and little Ruby
I just played your video and now my 2 are off running through the house howling their heads off.......Very funny video.
Certainly a howl! Pearl, alas, slept through it, but Bella came running in from the next room to check them out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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