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They grow up so fast

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Dudley is 8 months old today, and I've never seen a basset hound grow so fast. He has gained 4 lbs this last month. He now weighs 52 lbs, just 6 lbs under Dozer. :eek: He actually weighs what Dozer & Digger did at 14-15 months.

Right now I just have a few pics I took today. I need to get another video on Youtube, but I haven't taken any good videos lately. They have been playing great with each other, but with Dudley's weight gain, he's starting to push Digger around now. :lol:

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Wow, time sure does fly! Dudley is growing up to be a very handsome boy! I love the third photo, he looks so happy, almost like he is laughing!
Dudley is going to be a big boy! He is sooo cute too. Hard to believe he is 8 months already. Time sure rushes by.
I like your dog he's very handsome and cute. Time does go by aspecially when you have a loving dog.
I've said this several times, but it is bears repeating. You have the cutest boys! Just adorable photos!
What a BIG & beautiful boy he is. I could never get sick of looking at hound pics. Just Love'm! :p
Dudley sure is a cutie! But then ALL your boys are very handsome Bassets. Dozer is still my favorite... if you ever tire of drool and shenanigans, I've got dibs on him. ;)

Terry :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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