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They did not take the basset hound

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Must not be basset people. Still, a very sweet story.

Puppy-napping caper has tail-wagging ending | News | Lakeland News
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Always nice to turn on the TV and get some good news......btw love your "" good stuff :D
btw love your "" good stuff :D
Thanks! I can't claim all the credit, some of it belongs to my wife and dogs for their suggestions, ideas and inspiration.
Your blog is very good. Nitro and I liked the videos of the dogs playing in the snow. Where in Michigan are you? We are in Wixom and would love to find some basset buddies for Nitro to play with.
Actually we're in Missouri, but we have family in Michigan that we visit a couple of times a year. Unfortunately we're on the other side of the state from Wixom. However I would check out Michigan Basset Rescue - Home of the Original Basset Waddle, they have an annual waddle that is coming up in May and I'm sure you can meet lots of basset friends there.
Glad they got returned... I'm just annoyed they are still selling puppy mill puppies in pet stores. Petland really needs to be shut down.
Thanks for the tip on The Basset Waddle! We are in Holland, which is in West Michigan, also unfortunately on the other side of the state. :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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