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The vet just called.....

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Molly did great!!!! The surgery is over, and she is waking up now. Woohoo!!!

The doctor said she refused to let go of her toy lobster, so he let her take it into surgery! How cute.

I can't wait until 4 o'clock so we can pick her up!!!
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That's GREAT! I know you are relieved. Too cute about the lobster! yvonne
nice to hear good news :D

That's great! Glad to see you BOTH did well!
Happy to hear good news. We knew she would be fine. Never underestimate the power of good wishes and prayers on this board. We were all rooting for her.

Susan and Wilson
Yeah! Great news about Molly. I love the lobster story. Bet I couldn't bring MY favorite toy into surgery. Vets sure are better than a lot of MD's.

Good luck making it 'til 4.
Good news! Elvis's human, when I was a kid, I got to take my Strawberry Shortcake doll into get her tonsils out when I got my out!
Yeahhhhhhhhh!! Great news. Happy to be a slave for Tymmy Boy :) :)
That is wonderful news! Way to go Molly what a brave girl you are.
Good news. FWIW girls tend to recover from the surgery slower than the boys. Boys tend to be back to normal the next day it can take the girls a day or two. The surgery is much more invassive for girls.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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