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The suspects

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Well here we go again. Husband left cabinet open over night. Somehow they managed to get a loaf of bread and a pack of paint rollers as seen in the picture below. I think they both look guilty, but I'm fairly certain Noonie was the mastermind behind this one. He always runs and pokes his nose in when the cabinet is opened.

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I'm quite certain they had nothing to do with it, you can see that by their looks!
It was probably a stray dog and they did what they could to prevent the disaster. They need rewards! :D
Do you have a cat? I bet it was the cat!
You can't convict any Basset on such flimsey circumstantial evidence.

I do believe this behavior suggests that the Bassets in question aren't getting enough treats, toys or play time.

Think about that!!!
Paint rollers and bread? That sounds yummy. :wink:
Of course they're innocent! I'll bet it was that little character from the Family Circle comic strip, "Not Me," who is responsible.
They look totally innocent to me, I can't believe you'd blame them.... :lol:
Same thing happens at my house too, same totally innocent look....could it be coincidence? I think not! :lol:
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