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Besides having access to my bed & the couch, Sadie & Spencer have always had several dog beds scattered throughout the house. Since I am down to one hound now & a couple of the beds were getting old, I decided to get rid of 2 of them & get one nice new bed for Spencer. Here is a picture of the bed from the Petsmart website that I chose for him:

The bed cost $90.00, but I was sure he would love it, which would make it worthwhile. It was about the size of a baby bed mattress, and was 7 inches thick. Yesterday I brought it home and put it down for him. He warily sniffed it & ran out of the room. I got a treat & put it in the middle the bed. He came out, walked to the side of the bed, put his front feet on the bed & stretched to get the treat and then took off running to the other room. I went and picked him up, carried him to the bed & sat with him on it. He started to shake and when I let go of him, he bolted from the room. He would not even come into the room with it. Sigh...back to Petsmart today. Thankfully, they allowed me to return it, and they got a good laugh from the reason for my return. I went home with a different bed, like the old ones we had and Spencer was a very happy guy. Here his is just after waking up from a nap on the new bed.

You gotta wonder what goes through their heads sometimes!
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