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"The Reluctant Reindeer"

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"Ok, it's on. Can I have my bone now?"

"Woman! Bone. Now"

"Ohh.. I can taste it"

"*waves white flag* I surrender. Get this thing off of me."
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adorable, now to get mine to cooperative even that much would be nice.
I LOVE those pictures! Your girl is adorable! Sure made me smile!
Miss Molly is soooooooooooo cute! I think she and Lightning look a lot alike (except his face is white now). If I can figure out how to post a photo, I will.
WOW!!! What wonderful photos! She is gorgeous, just gorgeous! Cutest reindeer I've ever seen!! Thanks for sharing!!
:D "Good golly,Miss Molly" :D you are such an adorable reindeer. Great photos!!!
BTW, our daughter is a "Mollie", named for her grandmother.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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