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The Next Canadian Idols?

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The Next "Canadian Idols"? ...

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*hehe* This morning my youngest son Devon went out in the backyard to play his harmonica. Mocha decided to wander over and sit with him ... and after a while started "singing" along!

This was too precious! *hehe* They sat there doing this back and forth for a while before my mom found her digital camera and managed to catch some of it!

It was funny because up til this point Mocha has been the "quiet" one. Her previous owner said she was a howler but since we got her she hasn't howled even once! Even though we tried to get her to "sing" before by howling at her *lol*

So... without further ado... here's Mocha and Devon in their Duet!

(ps, it's a rather large .mov file - 18MB ... if anyone knows how to make it smaller and or convert it to a windows media file ... please feel free to)
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That was very cute. I loved how your little boy got such a kick out of your pup's singing! (We need a howling emoticon!) Colleen
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