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The neighbrs dog came for a visit

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I haven't posted in a while, been really busy with spring projects. I have viewed others post when I had a little time and enjoy them all.

The neighbor’s dog dug a hole under the fence and came over for a visit this morning; I had to get some pictures. The dogs all had a blast and the hounds were wore out when we took him back home. His owners put some cement blocks in front of the holes he dug for a temporary fix but that didn't help he just dug another hole right next to it and came over again this afternoon. The hole is not very big; I was surprised he was able to fit through it.

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What pretty dogs! Looks like they had a good time :lol:
Looks like they had fun! :) Maybe you should install a gate between your yards so they could visit on a regular basis. I did that between my yard & my Mom's. When my brother's dog was at my Mom's house & I had Sadie, those 2 & Spencer went back & forth. They had a great time.
What great pictures. Your neighbours dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer like my James. They are pretty determined and will eventually find ways to get what they want. A lot like Bassets!
What a sweet-looking GSP! I was going to make the same suggestion AmyB did -- give up the ghost and install a gate!!!!
Sure looks like they all had a blast!

I always get a kick out of dog play pics, especially bassets and tall dogs. Sure the tall ones are faster, but the bassets get a better "bitin' angle"! :eek:
Everyone looks like they had a blast. All great looking dogs!
They look like they had a blast. There is a gate between my yard and the neighbor's yard. Until we had Gibbs Lily and Sammy (a beagle) used to play together. Once we got Gibbs we had to stop because Gibbs seems to think that Sammy is someone/something for him to hunt. <_<

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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