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The Nail Clipping Mishap.

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Well, it finally happened. We accidentally cut one of Penny's nails too deep after her bath tonight. Her owners before NEVER clipped her nails, so they were really overgrown. I read somewhere that if they aren't kept trimmed properly, then the quick and grow out even more and make it easier to cut into.

We, of course, freaked out because she bled so much. Penny, however, didn't even seem to notice. She didn't cry out and she's not limping or anything. She especially didn't mind when she got several treats and her favorite bone after we got her cleaned up lol.

So. Anything I should look out for? I was thinking of putting some antibiotic cream on it, but I'm sure she'll just lick it off so I haven't done it.
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If you are able to do the nails yourself, there is no need to go to a groomer. Even the best groomer will still occasionally clip nails too short. And so will you, unless you're being so cautious that the amount of nail you remove is negligible. The main thing is to try to avoid cutting them too short too often, don't make a fuss over it (dogs are more likely to be "traumatized" by your reaction than by the actual cutting of the quick), and keep a styptic powder on hand. You'll get better at it, and lots of rewards and bellyrubs will help to reassure her that overall nail clipping is not such a bad thing.

When you bring her for the spay, emphasize that you want them really, really short - my vet never takes them short enough. I was recently watching a grooming video by one of the top handlers in the breed, and he mentioned that it's the same quick whether you cut it at the end or back near the toe, so if you're going to cut them you might as well whack them *right* back.
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