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The Nail Clipping Mishap.

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Well, it finally happened. We accidentally cut one of Penny's nails too deep after her bath tonight. Her owners before NEVER clipped her nails, so they were really overgrown. I read somewhere that if they aren't kept trimmed properly, then the quick and grow out even more and make it easier to cut into.

We, of course, freaked out because she bled so much. Penny, however, didn't even seem to notice. She didn't cry out and she's not limping or anything. She especially didn't mind when she got several treats and her favorite bone after we got her cleaned up lol.

So. Anything I should look out for? I was thinking of putting some antibiotic cream on it, but I'm sure she'll just lick it off so I haven't done it.
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the risk of infection is extremely remote.

You are correct the the quick gets longer as the nail do by clipping frequently and close to the quick they will reced over time, the other thing is next time the dog in in for a vet procedure to put her under. Have them trim back the nail wnen she is under. Sometime it is the only way to get back to a reasonable length.
the advantage of doing while the dog is under is they can clip every nail past the quick without causing the dog pain and traumitizing it for the next nail clip. One the quick is shortened this way it will remain that way unless the nails are left to grow to long.

Petsmart or any other groomer has the same limitation as you do stoping short of the quick nail clipping has to be very frequent multiple time a week to cause the quick to recede in most bassets. whem clipping short of the quick
so lately he has been very skiddish when people try to play with his paws
while that is a possiblility for the most part basset in general tend to sensitive at the feet. dogs that never had a nial cut too short will do this as well. I highly recomend desensitising a puppy to nail triming

Nail Trimming for Senisitve Dogs

Good Behavior During Grooming
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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