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The Nail Clipping Mishap.

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Well, it finally happened. We accidentally cut one of Penny's nails too deep after her bath tonight. Her owners before NEVER clipped her nails, so they were really overgrown. I read somewhere that if they aren't kept trimmed properly, then the quick and grow out even more and make it easier to cut into.

We, of course, freaked out because she bled so much. Penny, however, didn't even seem to notice. She didn't cry out and she's not limping or anything. She especially didn't mind when she got several treats and her favorite bone after we got her cleaned up lol.

So. Anything I should look out for? I was thinking of putting some antibiotic cream on it, but I'm sure she'll just lick it off so I haven't done it.
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I have clipped our Bassets' nails and nipped the quick and was told to pack the cut/bleeding area with cornflour or flour and it absorbs the blood and won't do any harm.

I wish I had taken the advice of my Basset breeder friend when I got my two girls, who came with such neat little nails!!! He said to snip tiny bits off their nails once a week and they'll be so used to it by the time they are adult and their nails will stay neat and it will be part of their routine!

I am horrified at times when I see some Basset photos, or YouTube clips, where their nails look as though they would hurt the dog as it walks as they are sooo long! :(
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