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The Missing Link

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We had Bogie Carter at the vet on Monday for his last SD check up, shots updated, etc. before we move to Tennessee on August 1st. We showed her some dandruff like flaky skin on his rump and his armpits were getting yucky again. She gave us GentaVed Topical Spray and put him on "simplicef - 200 mg" once a day, and medicated shampoo to help clear up his skin issues.

She also recommended trying "The Missing Link", a supplement that she has seen great results with on skin issues. It has : Flax seed, blackstrap molasses, rice bran, primary dried yeast, sunflower seed, freeze dried liver, dehydrated alfalfa, dried carrot, freeze dried bone, dried fish meal, freeze dried oyster, sprouted green barley, dried kelp, lecithin, garlic, and yucca schidigera extract. So Bogie is now getting 3 tsp. of "The Missing Link" sprinkled on his food once a day.

Just wondered if anyone has used it.
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I've never used it, but at another dog forum I frequent it's used by many, all of whom rave about it. I'd appreciate an update with regard to Bogie. Right now, my three are okay, but I expect in another month or so the skin issues will begin. It'd be nice if I had another basset's perspective on Missing Link!
I haven't used the Missing Link for Yogi but I recently switched the type of fish oil that I use for him which is supposed to be good for allergies and inflammation. I am using Sea Pet Fish Oil with Natural Vitamin E. His skin feels wonderful! Here is a link to the website. I use the 32oz. bottle and for two dogs (65lbs. and 113lbs) it lasts for two months. Just another option for you.

I forgot to add that if anyone does decide to try this fish oil or any of type of fish oil that you should not give the full dose immediately. Start out with a quarter teaspoon a week and work up to the full dose.
I had a basset with terrible allergies. Missing Link did nothing for her, and may even have made matters worse. :(
Thanks for the reply, Betsy. I will keep a close eye on Bogie and we will see how he does. The meds have done their job and he's 90% better already.
I first tried Missing Link when Biscuit was really sick, and it didn't help.

I also tried it with Lady because she was an older pup - nothing.

What I have found works is a senior doggie vitamin called GeriForm and (I'll say it again!) Black Gold Dog Food.

GeriForm is the only vitamin that seems to make any kind of difference. I have Yogi on it now and have seen the same results with him that I saw with Lady and with Biscuit. He was getting kind of draggy - he is a senior now, after all! - and just didn't have his usual spark and pep, his coat was getting dull and all dandery, etc. But I got him some GeriForm a month or so ago, and his eyes are bright again, he's nuts again and his coat, back to its gorgeous self.

As for Black Gold, every time I try another brand, I see a difference. It's hard to find Black Gold because apparently the sellers can't make much of a profit off of it, or so one store told me. So I'm now driving to the next county to get it. :lol: And it's worth it. All I can figure is the other brands are too high in carbs or the fats in them just aren't very good or ... ???

An aside: I am eternally grateful to pinehawk for introducing me to Black Gold!
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Oh. This is about allergies.


I've never really contended with doggie allergies. But I have contended with dull fur, dry skin, not looking good. But not quite the same thing.

Um, just ignore me!! :blink:
your welcome biscuit,i tell people but why listen to me, what do i know, just been doing this stuff for almost 40 years.i drive 60 miles one way to get my black gold,load up with about 500 lbs. and i'm good for a while. i feed a active field basset 3 cups a day and he is not to fat or to skinny,coat is in great shape and low stool volume,all 4 dogs here get it and they are in great shape pets and hunters a like,my wife just got a nice compliment from the vet about her chihuahua's coat she told them it's the Black Gold.
It's really good food, Billy - hard to find, even around here, but good!
I gave my dogs Missing Link for a while--didn't seem to do that much, but also didn't hurt anything, so far as I could tell.
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