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Dogs are the same species that have been with humans for many years. They always make people feel safe and protected, especially with big dogs.
As a dog lover, have you ever wondered which dog breed is the largest & most overweight in the world? Please find out the answer through this article on the five heaviest dogs in the world!
1. Saint Bernard - The famous giant dog
This is a very large dog breed from Italy & Switzerland, for rescue. They have an extremely sharp sense of smell, especially finding people buried under the snow up to 6m.
St.Bernard dog is recorded to have weighed 120kg & approximately 70cm to 90cm tall.
2. English Mastiff - Watchdogs
Known as the English Mastiff, TOP in terms of weight cannot help but mention this dog's name. A dog named Zorba was recorded by Guinness as the heaviest and longest in the world at 142.7kg.
With an average weight of up to 100kg, this breed is always in the TOP of the heaviest dogs in the world. However, now, the giant English Mastiff is kept as a pet in the house.
3. Tibetan Mastiff - Known as the Tibetan Mastiff
They are trained to protect other pets and the lives of the people of the Himalayas. They are usually over 70cm tall for male dogs and weigh from 64–90 kg.
The Tibetan Mastiff possesses a large head, extremely thick coat, which makes them larger. So if you own this breed, you need to pay attention to constant hair care for them.
Due to the large body, self-care for the Tibetan Mastiff is also quite difficult for those who do not have specialized skills and equipment. Therefore, you should take your baby to dog grooming centers for support. For more information: Read more here.
4. Great Dane
Talking about the heaviest dog in the world, it is impossible not to mention Great Dane. Famous for its outstanding height, it is known as a giant dog breed. Recorded by Guinness as the tallest dog in the world, averaging 71 to 86 cm and weighing between 45 and 90 kg depending on age.
Despite their huge body, they still become a friendly member of the family.
5. Irish Wolfhound - TOP heaviest dog in the world
They are hunting dogs, with a muscular body, large & extremely fast. Originally from Ireland, originally bred with the intention of hunting and participating in war.
This breed has a height of about 71-88 cm and a weight of 50-81 kg. But the Irish Wolfhound is fast when hunting.
They are extremely intelligent, friendly with children as well as other pets. Therefore, this breed has been popularly raised in families over the years.
At first glance this world's heaviest dog, you imagine they are dangerous. In fact, they are always friendly and loyal to their owners.
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