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The Kids

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Some pictures while they were sunning themselves today! Check out the wink from Stickers!



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I just love those hounds! :D

and my husband would be sooo envious of your lawn. He's obsessed with having the perfect lawn. (bordering on madness)

You have two beautiful hounds! Thanks for sharing.
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They are beautiful and I love the wink. They haven't been chewing rocks any more have they?
Beautiful pictures of Rusty and Stickers. Sure glad our "little rock eater" doesn't live there in your lovely yard. We would have to do some major redoing of landscaping.

Aroooos from Bogie!!!!
Beautiful as always! :D

Rusty gets the same fold on the back as Emma when lying down,
I see. Rusty and Sticky are proof that you can get just as wonderful
bassets in USA than anywhere.
beautiful hounds

your hounds are beautiful
Your babies are beautifu!! :D . Nice landscaping!! How can U have stones?? Tummy would ba at the vet again for eating them. :D . Wish I could though. Tummy Boy's Mom
As far as the stones! We HAVE to be right there watching both of them!!! We have SO many! They are fascinated with them. Hopefully they will outgrow these. Until that day one of us is always with them.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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