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Here in Bulgaria it isn't very often for a basset to be shown.But sometimes even that happenes and when it does most of the judges have no ideas how must a basset champion look.This story is about a husky breeder who ownes a basset and has been trying for years to have control over the basset hound club of Bulgaria too(but that's an other story).So this guy who is nevertheless is a good breeder and handler here, thought that his basset bitch has a good standart and went to a show with her and guess what-she won quite a number of times.I'm not very good at such stuff but when I saw Noisy(that's her name) I thought I was looking at an overgrown dachshund-long legs, not a lot of skin and a very high positioned frond half of the body.And I know other bassets here in Bulgaria to which she doesn't stand a chanse(not including Droopy cause he's a pet :D )
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