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We had a long holiday this week as most of you did- My hounds have been horrid! On the 4th- One little dear peed on the clean laundry basket- this isn't too unusual... except it was on my bedroom carpet instead of the laundry room. I cleaned it up and left the room to deliver a general scolding- only to go back to the room to find a bigger puddle 2 feet over Yesterday- my daughter was off so the dogs were loose in the house with the doggy door open all day- I found 4... yes 4... pee spots in the house- It looks like every laundry basket was targeted- It did rain yesterday and I'm sure the thought of cold wet paws led them to think the house was a free for all- But one puddle was right next to the doggy door! This morning- no rain- but again a puddle right next to the doggy door! It's a tile floor but... The grass was still wet- but what is going on?? I have picked up some urinalysis strips from work so can check for abnormalities there- but suspect something behavioral has occured. I am blaming Jake- who I've noted poking his head out the doggy door but refusing to go outside the last 2 mornings. He also tends to ummm... pee on the laundry basket in the laundry room when distressed at something- However- with 4 dogs it could be any one of them... Indy is another srong possible culprit. Any thoughts on what might be going on?
Wendy- Mom to Samantha, Jake, Abigail, & Indiana...

My first thought is that they got scared to go outside because of noise from fireworks. Twinkie heard ONE go off last night and came running back inside before doing her business. Its such a sudden change, I would think it would have to be something unusual to cause it.

Janet 'n Twinkie
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